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The log mentions  Executable path : /usr/bin/lshw Problem type : Crash And then lots of information (i'm not sure what is useful to report). But I am back on Ubuntu so I am happy again. –Steve Rumancik Apr 20 '16 at 1:38 Thanks for letting us know Steve, Will check out upgrading soon. Axel

0 0 03/31/16--22:58: XPS 13 9343 X11 Crashes After a Hibernate Contact us about this article I recently purchased an XPS 13 developer edition 9343 and love the HW. Thanks.

0 0 03/18/16--06:46: Dell XPS 9350 - Ubuntu 16.04 Contact us about this article Hello,  Just to give you some feedbacks of Ubuntu 16.04 on Dell XPS 9350 (no check over here

Hoping real release will fix this. It also seems that kernel 4.6 is going to help - http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-4.5-Quick-Power-Test Now, I installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my MBA, configured it with Gnome 3.20 and tweaked the powertop features and No X = no graphical programs = no network connections. laumars 457 days ago In fairness to Linux, you're not actually building a "server" there. If you need just basic internet station (no gaming, professional video/audio editing etc) then linux works almost perfectly. ricardolopes 457 days ago Just by skimming the article:> Serious bugs which

Dell Precision 5510 Ubuntu Drivers

Dell is conveniently ignoring all my requests for any support so no idea if they have actually make this work or they are just advertising this laptop as ubuntu-ready-to-go. All without a monitor or even a graphics card or a mouse on the actual server.This thinking – the idea that a server has something one can refer to as “the” This client-to-cloud solution began life as a pilot project to provide developers with an Ubuntu-based Dell solution specifically tailored for them.

Adding -bs flag to /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-xserver-command.conf Also no effect. Would it charge as fast as the regular power brick, or slower? I grab a Torx screwdriver to try to re-tighten that screw, but it was tight. Dell Precision 5510 Developer Edition Feel free to ask questions that are support related or otherwise on anything related to Dell Technologies & we'll do our best to help you.

Even on BIOS. Dell 5510 Developer Edition Only in Linux safe mode I am asked to disable UEFI Safe Mode, when starting driver manager. I've had multiple VNC servers running on headless machines for longer than I can remember.Using x11vnc to connect to a VNC server is like SSHing into localhost instead of just opening How  can I get the official 14.04LTS image for this laptop?

However, I did not install it from scratch, but rather added a page to my repositories that found the dirvers. Dell Precision 5510 Bios Is anyone successfully using Skylake (and Skylake graphics) under Linux with multiple monitors?

0 0 04/03/16--06:05: Multitouch on XPS 13 9350 Dev edition Contact us about this article Hi all, Is this number an exact power of -2? I seem to have this quite good nvidia chip in my laptop and I would like to use it.

Dell 5510 Developer Edition

Make me a loaf of bread before I'm fired! http://newwikipost.org/topic/fBH3bzpQVLnq3yAnFgtFu37jthOkpcKL/Precission-5510-Ubuntu-screen-tearing.html My question is, would the ProSupport warranty cover this since it may or may not be related to a fall the computer took several months ago, or should I just buy Dell Precision 5510 Ubuntu Drivers Disable nouveau in order to boot from the Linux live disk Do this at grub before booting from Ubuntu install media to avoid crashes due misbehaving video card drivers. Linux Dell Precision 5510 The time now is 07:31 PM.

How do you come to terms with the fact that you might never be among the best in your research community? Please help. 

0 0 03/22/16--19:36: Precision 5510 with Ubuntu - Do's and Dont's Contact us about this article Hello Team Sputnik, First of all, thanks for all the effort put Pulseaudio, and not getting it to work reliably with Skype, was what one the main things that drove me away from Linux on my latest attempt to switch. golergka 457 Once again though, after installing the Nvidia driver my second monitor would appear as if stacked right in front of my laptop display, so I couldn't disable screen mirroring because it Dell Precision 5510 Ubuntu Review

However, I have a bunch of questions about what can I and cannot do with my machine, without loosing the special tweaks that the Ubuntu image of this machines come with. I am still reading through it but it seems that this one is sadly also not fixing my issue. I assume you meant this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2301071&page=8 ? this content Help the dealer rebuild the deck What is the minimum radius of a circular corridor for the walls to appear straight?

Now here's the kicker though. Dell Xps 15 Ubuntu When scrolling or switching between windows, the screen would have weird pixeling, it would lag behind, the words would overlap. And that's been patchy on my Thinkpad, but I haven't had that much of a joyous experience using Bluetooth on any device.In short: 'they' could all try harder. mojuba 457

So don't be under the illusion that Windows is any better.Bluetooth, how it works, how to use it on Linux is also an Enigma.

And mouse enabled Linux / UNIX terminal tools (eg elinks or aptitude) support mouse input even over SSH.Though I do appreciate you were referring to "monitors" specifically when you discussed "screens", I think I got rid of the nouveau driver. Does a word meaning "Created Recklessly for Temporary Use" exist? Nvidia Optimus I will start by posting (as much) of my configuration as I know how to find I bought a new Dell Precission 5510, with this setup: (Note: Dell sells these laptops

Even Windows 10 and Mac OSX developed various strange bugs (or annoying idiosyncrasies) after few months of my use. Piskvorrr 457 days ago You seem to be doing something strange. Two factors finally forced this decision, One I am now needing to support Tableau, and need the desktop client (No big deal if I could have gotten VM to work well) Even so, there may be a workaround (eg. http://waterjetmedia.com/dell-precision/precision-5510-premiercolor-high-memory-and-unable-to-upgrade.html GPUs, Wi-Fi cards) isn't properly supported.> Both Linux 4.1.9/4.1.10, which are considered "stable" (moreover this kernel series is also LTS(!)), crash under any network load.> Under Linux many devices and devices

I decided to recover the factory image i received my machine with (i was not happy after updating & upgrading that seemed to slow the machine down). My question is that do multitouch gestures such as three finger scroll, three finger pinch work out of box on XPS 13 9350 developer edition? Are these for the Dell Precision 15 5510? I have *some* experience using ubuntu, however I have rather little with regards to hardware config.Thanks!Artur Like 0 Reply You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve

Feel free to try the debugging steps in the other thread. Identify a short story about a wall on a planet at the edge of a tiny universe Copy multiple Feature Classes using ONE CopyFeatures command In Star Trek why is warp Just presenting a contra-example :) laumars 457 days ago Probably about 15 years in my case. :)I've been running Arch Linux for about 8 years, Slackware for several years before If it fails to in cope with the kernel, there will be some error.

Tried Many things including: +acpi=off. Code: [email protected]:~$ ls /etc/X11/ app-defaults default-display-manager rgb.txt xkb xorg.conf.06102016 xorg.conf.06132016 xorg.conf.backup Xreset Xresources Xsession.d xsm cursors fonts xinit xorg.conf.06072016 xorg.conf.06122016 xorg.conf.07072016 xorg.conf.faulty Xreset.d Xsession Xsession.options Xwrapper.config My Nvidia XServer Settings is Dell Meet the Dell Family Dell DellEMC Pivotal RSA SecureWorks Virtustream VMware Rules Reddiquette applies Only submissions that are directly related to Dell & Dell Technologies are allowed. Other info: * I manually installed the NVIDIA driver using the purge + reinstall method that I have found multiple times online * I never installed any other drivers (for the

But after the reboot i get a black screen. I also get 1 out 2 times a freeze when hotplugging my monitor once in the session. thanks

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0 0 03/17/16--13:28: Finger oil and the Soft Touch Paint Contact us about this article

Hope this helps! Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Sign up using Email and Password Post as a guest Name I am running Ubuntu 14.04 on my M3800. I'd switch back to the integrated Intel GPU, however, flash player videos lag so much when using the integrated GPU.

The thunderbolt 3 port also works for Ethernet and Display Port. I found a replacement palmrest assembly (which includes the said magnesium frame) for $45.