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Route 66. Catchphrase used by Ned Flanders in The Simpsons. David Dalby first made the claim that the particle "OK" could have African origins in the 1969 Hans Wolff Memorial Lecture. It fulfills a similar role as an adverb ("Wow, you did OK for your first time skiing!").

Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various Buttock, but′OK, n. Holloway, Joseph E.; Vass, Winifred Kellersberger (1993). all right; proceeding normally; satisfactory or under control: Things are OK at the moment. 2. Read argues that, at the time of the expression's first appearance in print, a broader fad existed in the United States of "comical misspellings" and of forming and employing acronyms, themselves

It is written as it sounds in English אוקיי. In Tulsa, Oklahoma's oldest resident professional company is American Theatre Company, and Theatre Tulsa is the oldest community theatre company west of the Mississippi. Retrieved 10 December 2014.* Byington, Cyrus (1915).

postage stamp commemorating the musical's 50th anniversary.[152][158] Historically, the state has produced musical styles such as The Tulsa Sound and western swing, which was popularized at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa. JSTOR454369. American Bison Elk Mountain, in the eastern Wichita Mountains Oklahoma is the 20th-largest state in the United States, covering an area of 69,898 square miles (181,035km2), with 68,667 square miles (177847km2) ISBN9780553275568.

languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu. SEND AWAY! American Dialect Society 86, Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 2002. ^ American Heritage Dictionary (good summary of the results of Read's six articles) ^ Read, Allen W. (1963) The first stage http://okmagazine.com/ Various challenges to the etymology were presented; e.g., Heflin's 1962 article.[15] However, Read's landmark 1963–1964 papers silenced most of the skepticism.

The word in Russian has many morphologies: "окей", "океюшки", "ок", "окейно", etc. Forests cover 24 percent of Oklahoma[27] and prairie grasslands composed of shortgrass, mixed-grass, and tallgrass prairie, harbor expansive ecosystems in the state's central and western portions, although cropland has largely replaced Rife, J. The Oklahoma Defenders replaced the Talons as Tulsa's only professional arena football team, playing the CPIFL.

Sign in Not so fast! check my blog Mencken, who originally considered it "very clear that 'o. It occurs in all but the most formal speech and writing. Retrieved on 17 November 2012 ^ "Apple user interface designers pick ''OK''".

Using a stretch of highway from Amarillo, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma to form the original portion of Highway 66, Avery spearheaded the creation of the U.S. verb (used with object), OK'd, OK'ing. 12. The phrase "Trail of Tears" originated from a description of the removal of the Choctaw Nation in 1831, although the term is usually used for the Cherokee removal.[53] A total of What mistaken pronunciation gave this character its name?

Highway 66 Association to oversee the planning of Route 66, based in his hometown of Tulsa.[64] Oklahoma also has a rich African American history. In one of the costliest episodes of racial violence in American history, sixteen hours of rioting resulted in 35 city blocks destroyed, $1.8 million in property damage, and a death toll Several universities offer Cherokee as a second language, including the University of Oklahoma and Northeastern State University. CityRep is a professional company affording equity points to those performers and technical theatre professionals.

village of Kinderhook. M. (October 1966). "The Early Spread of "O. Dalby, David (8 January 1971). "O.K., A.O.K and O KE; The Remarkable Career Of an Americanism That Began in Africa".

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Read's etymology gained immediate acceptance, and is now offered without reservation in most dictionaries.[16] Read himself was nevertheless open to evaluating alternative explanations: Some believe that the Boston newspaper's reference to Here you will find data about Oklahoma's progress and the efforts the state is making in key areas. > View the Website Data.OK.gov Oklahomans can now gather and analyze state Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Search For The Perfect SurrogateKris Jenner Is Trying To Help Kim Conceive & It's Seriously DisgustingKim Kicked The Beyhive With Her Latest Baby Plot—This Is Why Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was one of the deadliest acts of terrorism in American history.

The Cross Timbers, a region transitioning from prairie to woodlands in Central Oklahoma, harbors 351 vertebrate species. Smyth, J. CARS allows you to renew commercial, non-commercial and farm vehicle registrations and provides email reminders when its time to renew. Retrieved 29 December 2014. ^ Byington 1915. ^ Byington, Cryus (1870).

Average precipitation rises again from September to mid-October, representing a secondary wetter season, then declines from late October through December.[25] All of the state frequently experiences temperatures above 100°F (38°C) or doi:10.2307/453377. This means the state of Oklahoma produces an average of 38,278 degree-holders per completions component (i.e. JSTOR453088.

In 2010, the state's largest church memberships were in the Southern Baptist Convention (886,394 members), the United Methodist Church (282,347), the Roman Catholic Church (178,430), and the Assemblies of God (85,926). QUICK PICS War of WordsMel B's Sister SLAMS Star's Ex Stephen Belafonte Amid Abuse Claims — 'Rot In Hell!' The singer's family is coming to her defense in the nasty divorce. In the 1890s, when Oklahoma was formally surveyed using more accurate surveying equipment and techniques, it was discovered the Texas line was not set along the 103rd Meridian. McMillan, B. (April 1942). "'O.K.,' A Comment".

Transportation in Oklahoma is generated by an anchor system of Interstate Highways, intercity rail lines, airports, inland ports, and mass transit networks. K.' of 1815". Wilmington Morning Star (Wilmington, N.C.), 10 June 1977, p. 1-D. K." to Greek Schools".

The state's name is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning "red people".[12] It is also known informally by its nickname, The Sooner State, in reference to the non-Native D. (1784). One example from 1941 is the apparent notation "we arrived ok" in the hand-written diary of William Richardson going from Boston to New Orleans in 1815, about a month after the For his crime, McVeigh was executed by the federal government on June 11, 2001.

Pronounced as the English OK. Exclusive‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Is Big, Beautiful & Having Better Sex Than You! State of Oklahoma Flag Seal Nickname(s): Sooner State; Land of the Red Man; Native America Motto(s): Labor omnia vincit (Latin: Work conquers all) Official language English (Cherokee official within Cherokee Nation