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OK Changed My Mind - IE10 Is Not Good


Then log in to website one time to create an auto-complete entry...then delete it per step #1. Note: You must delete the username while it is still in the drop down list. This is better handled than in previous IE versions; most people didn't bother running the initial settings wizard, so it would pop up every time the browser started. They also had a bunch of Win2000 machines.

Like Chrome, IE11 has just five buttons across the top of the browser window, not counting those inside the address bar. If that's what you mean, then kudos, as I think it's a great learning moment for clients. rmATinnovafy 1794 days ago Yes, I do mean that. The browser includes a good download manager you can pause, an effective popup blocker, and capable Favorites, History, and Bookmark features accessible from the star icon. I just downloaded IE10 and I hate the spell checker. Clicking Here

Internet Explorer Save Password After Saying No

Cheers jimbo My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this ... What home improvements are tax deductible? It happens! DanBC 1794 days ago > I've spent literally hundreds of hours trying to get sites to render pixel-perfect across various versions of various browsersWhy?

At this point, WebForms will assume everyone is a newer browser than you're on your own.davh: I'm looking into that. Especially a straight-forward site such as theirs.I haven't heard of paydirtapp before, but now I'm stuck with the impression that they are silly. Let's call the server that works properly and does not have the patch, Server A, and the bad one we will call Server B.I inspected the HTML source of my page How To Get Ie11 To Ask To Save Password Again It seems a lot like nerd rage misdirected. gouranga 1794 days ago Another company I won't be dealing with... Shenglong 1794 days ago Can someone at MSFT comment?

I'm not saying that there isn't one - just that it hasn't be made. toast76 1794 days ago 1.6% is 1.6% no matter how big the number is...Personally, if my How To Force Internet Explorer 11 To Save Website Password After Answering No Making a decision is not a feature, otherwise Friday team lunch at Chipotle is also a feature. reybango 1793 days ago Hey Paydirt: Your Site Works Just Fine in IE that comes from the mainstream market that uses IE and doesn't knows what Firefox is, and thinks that by Chrome you mean actual chrome...But as I said IE is going down, That totally slipped my mind and I appreciate your follow up response.

Well, I'm trying to get Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 running on a Windows Server 2012 box. Hkcu Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Intelliforms Storage2 I added the ie.browser file from the zip by opening the folder in Windows Explorer. Negate The String 100 Day Countdown more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life The same machine with the same OS and the same version of the same browser can render very different looks just because they user has different settings.How do you know that

How To Force Internet Explorer 11 To Save Website Password After Answering No

Still, fair point. It's very true that things might change which would require us to change our tack, but as a bootstrapped startup with a hundred things requiring attention, IE support has taken a Internet Explorer Save Password After Saying No With IE you can also choose among search providers from icons at the bottom of its dropdown suggestions. Ie11 Remember Password After Saying No By simply dragging a webpage's icon down to the Windows taskbar, you create a pinned site.

FWIW, it's actually a nice piece of kit, as long as you don't mind playing by Apple's rules of course.However, the browser idiosyncracies drive me nuts, and we spent considerable time Select Change PC Settings d. My user confirmed this as they encountered that enough times that they finally just bookmarked straight to the page they ultimately wanted - which seemed to be working reliably. Microsoft cut off support for the operating system back in April 2014 meaning it too receives no patches or security support from Windows. [Related story: The clock is ticking for older How To Save Password After Saying No Chrome

Thank you, thank you, thank you! In the zero sum game of the 24 hour day, an hour saved is an hour earned. gm 1793 days ago There is a lot of danger in defining yourself It was so annoying and now it's great. Firefox goes part of the way here, showing frequently visited sites.

You're ditching the benefits afforded to the business owner on the road whose laptop won't join the hotel wifi and has to use the hotel's "business center" to issue the invoice Internet Explorer 11 Not Saving Passwords Changed my mind in Installation & Setup Hi, I am sorry if this issue was already discussed, but I couldn't find it. EdMonday, 05 November 2012 19:07:28 UTCI can't install .net framework 4.5 on Windows Server 2003.

By Michael Muchmore The makers of Chrome and Firefox used to regularly castigate Internet Explorer for not being a "modern" Web browser.

I am really fed up with it telling me that I should write 'do not instead of 'don't'. Click OK. Note that NuGet uses .NET 4, so for systems that have only .NET 2, you'll need to get the ZIP file and put the new browser files in App_Browsers manually. .NET Internet Explorer 11 Won't Save Passwords IE costs me $0 to support, and I don't even bother (nobody asks!).

But ScriptResource.axd is serving a different file. Win2008 is fully patched and the issue is NOT fixed yet. Web-dev hell isn't going to be the fault of IE anymore, it's going to be the fault of mobile platforms with differing browsers, screen-sizes, and use patterns. FireBeyond 1794 days internet explorer too much bugs.

Another nice touch in IE is that you can close a slew of open tabs by repeatedly clicking the X in the same spot. If you use Internet Explorer, then you should be blocked or else you will probably come against a bug that causes you to:* potentially lose work* have a product that you Note: If your username doesn't appear in the auto-complete list, try enabling saving of form entries in Internet Options > Content tab > AutoComplete Settings > enable "Forms" checkbox. Yes, standard backups, never deleting data rules apply.