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Out Of My Depth With Re-partitioning For A Clean Install

Achim Behrens (k1l) wrote on 2014-04-27: #24 I did not have that issue. Data loss on partitioning is sadly common, just browsing AskUbuntu today I counted 35 reports of people inadvertently deleting or formatting their Windows partitions since the start of April -- http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/partitioning+data-recovery?sort=newest&pagesize=50 each step has to be confirmed. in Installation & Setup I just got a new laptop, a Lenovo X230, for which I paid extra to have the OS on it as Windows 8 Pro.

in Ubuntu but also gobbled up the old XP partition. Click Apply.After you partition a disk, a disk icon for each partition appears in Disk Utility, and in the sidebar of Finder windows.Disk Utility 12.x: Partition a diskCheers. Since a clean install is a true start over from scratch, you don't risk inheriting any buggy situations from your previous installation.

To be 100% clear, this is the right procedure Do not use X, because this drive letter is reserved for Windows PE. https://www.eightforums.com/installation-setup/57770-out-my-depth-re-partitioning-clean-install.html

Bei Bedarf Onlinekonto wieder einbinden. Everything worked as intended. Its a 32bit non-uefi netbook with a win 7 install and ubuntu not encrypted with a seperate /home partition. As long as this particular copy of Windows 7 is only being operated on one computer, you're OK.

09 of 34 Choose the Type of Windows 7 Installation to Complete Windows

System and Event Provider Definitions 3. As you can now see, all the space on the installed hard drive is unallocated. The root cause of this is essentially an overoptimistic design that assumes that we can always accurately detect the set of operating systems installed on the system. If you can't do that then you may have found your problem.

Hold down the Command (⌘) and R keys as your computer restarts. Laurence Alban Frostenson (laurence-frostenson) on 2014-10-30 Changed in elementaryos: status: Triaged → Fix Released Brian Murray (brian-murray) wrote on 2014-10-30: Please test proposed package #119 Hello Steve, or anyone else affected, But auto install should not offer incorrect choice. sudodus (nio-wiklund) wrote on 2015-01-02: #130 Testing in UEFI mode: Ventrical and I think that the real bug is that windows 8 OS is not being detected (or reported) because GRuB

Enabling proposed repos to download new version of ubiquity will cause unstable ubiquity in 'live' mode and is not neccessary to install ubuntu over windows 8 installation. The device boots to this partition.The minimum size of this partition is 100 MB, and must be formatted using the FAT32 file format.This partition is managed by the operating system, and i.e. Half the time, it won't even respond to keyboard/touchpad/touchscreen input at all, and I have to shut down via the power button.

Pressing one will result in starting the install all over again. http://newwikipost.org/topic/PaMmG16cYl6KfDsNMOApP1mEwItVZfz6/Clean-installation-and-partitioning-help.html I've used Ubuntu desktop for over 6 years. > If you would like me to try something to replicate this. .. If you're partitioning the disk you used to start up your Mac, print this page so you can refer to it later. I tried making a USB media using Microsoft's media creation tool, but it failed to complete twice, I'll try again later.

It could save you the trouble of completing this clean install process.

07 of 34 Wait for Windows 7 Setup to Begin Windows 7 Clean Install - Step 7 of 34. Comment #122 details the tests I have done. The new 'free space' partion needs to be CONFIRMED after it has been marked for ext4 file format. erase all OS on single drive and reinstall) However it does says in BOLD RED Warning this will erase all your data, applications and documents. ...

Patches ubiquity-better-desc.patch (edit) ubiquity-os-prober-windows-efi.patch (edit) Add patch Bug attachments logs.tar.gz (edit) installer.tar.gz (edit) installer.tar.gz (edit) Trusty_Lubuntu_install_options.png (edit) VM screenshots for installation at [Installation type] stage (edit) comp_delete.png (edit) Add attachment • At this point I am at a loss of where to go next. johnearle99Aug 20, 2012, 4:51 PM DarkOutlaw said: Try updating the firmware of the mobo and the ssd. ventrical (dale-f-beaudoin) wrote on 2015-01-02: #131 I was advised to post this: "It worked but not in the way Bruno described.

In the event that you encounter a regression using the package from -updates please report a new bug using ubuntu-bug and tag the bug report regression-update so we can easily find Wurde sauber aktiviert. Win10 Home is now running smoothly, and I'm happy with it.

What a completely awful installer to offer such a misleading option.

Have 1.5h needed to executable operation. Unortunately, I don't have any backup of my windows installation. Ask ! Comment Name (required) Email (will not be published) (required) Website Email me when someone adds a comment here.

Reply Brian Burgess August 3, 2015 at 4:37 pm # Thanks for the comment @Damien. Step 3 I went to the boot menu and from there I chose the USB has the number one option to boot. I have also been a vocal Linux/Ubuntu evangaliser until Unity and then Mint/Cinnamon evangaliser. The one good thing about that particular scenario is that if the wrong drive is selected you do still have the option of selecting the advanced partitioning tool from that screen

Just checked and it's activated 08-03-2015 12:29 PM Like 0 430 http://forums.windowscentral.com/showthread.php?t=370859&s=5b91238fdb0b21bf83106354d476495b&p=3182810&viewfull=1#post3182810 Dewg I tried two different resets. It cannot store user data.Other utility partitionsAny other utility partitions not managed by Windows must be located before the Windows, data, and recovery image partitions. Windows C: drive with 200GB of data will be DELETED Windows D: drive with 150GB of data will be DELETED Are you really sure you want to do this? I'd advise you to leave the size as-is and press "Apply".

If I make a new clean install (no upgrade) is it enough to create 1 continuous unallocated disk and then it will make a clean install Or do I have to Thank you for the help!I was just able to hook the SSD up to my wifes PC which is 2 years olf, log into windows format the drive and copy files If you interrupt the setup process by restarting manually, the clean install process may fail. Eeeeeek!

I've tried to keep the changes as isolated as possible to the automatic partitioning page, although the confirmation dialog change also affects the manual partitioner. Parameters are invalidMost of the googling I do on this topic seems to point to a bad hard drive.However, I can format the hard drive on my wifes PC and write Clement Lefebvre (clementlefebvre) wrote on 2014-06-14: #39 Here's the fix, in case derivatives or upstream follow this report: https://github.com/linuxmint/ubiquity/commit/8bfc98e60cc80cefe7986774f3740a5b0530e364 Chris Bainbridge (chris-bainbridge) wrote on 2014-06-15: #40 R.C.