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One More Reason Why Win8 Will Be Successful


But anyway, I don't think W8 is a bad product or a mistake. It's nice to carry around something close in functionality to my Linux servers without having to fight with Linux on my day-to-day laptop. Talking about lower-priced 7-inch tablets, the Microsoft CEO asked rhetorically if anyone would ever use the Kindle Fire to do homework. GeekWire Awards 2017: Tickets on sale now The Awards sell out every year, make sure to grab your tickets today. have a peek at this web-site

There's a lot going on in the world right now." 4. With Update 1, however, I'm beginning to question the validity of this new direction, and am now wondering whether Microsoft has simply fallen into an all-too-familiar trap of trying to please Maybe that's the alternative. Ballmer said he doesn’t have any doubt that it will do well. “I’m not paid to have doubts,” he said. click site

Why Windows 8 Is Bad

Cause that's what this whole mess is all about: Microsoft not being able to accept their being late in the mobile and tablet markets. Bottom line I give Microsoft credit — Windows 8 is a major change of operating system philosophy. Windows as a core OS technology: This usage is similar to how "Linux kernel" is used sometimes, where it explicitly leaves out desktop environments like Unity. It's extremely versatile -- and that's both a blessing and a curse.

So a double whammy was responsible for the quick Win 7 takeup. Despite that, many people are still running Windows XP, a 10-year-old version of Windows, despite the fact that Microsoft will stop supporting XP in April 2014. (Seriously: According to StatCounter, 31 But incidentally 7 as a side effect did help the desktop users. 8 doesn't. Windows 8 Worst Os Of All Time Can you tell me one new thing that Windows 8 brought to the desktop that was truly innovative?

This fixed many of my concerns with 8.x, and while some remain unaddressed, I have high hopes for 8.2, Update 2, 9, or whatever they decide to call the next batch Windows 8 Worse Than Vista Now when it comes to apps, Silver's other big Windows 8 success factor, there is no doubt that a mobile-focused platform today must have sweet software to succeed. What is the ROI? Is there software packages that can and will work?

The pity is all they had to do was provide two ever present 'start' buttons, one multicolored window that took one to a Windows 7 desktop, one blue window button that Windows 8 Flop And he did. Though WPF has hardly been abandoned - 4.5 was a good update and VS is heavily based on it, so it will probably hang around. And like it or not, there are so many improvements to Windows 8.x under the hood it is almost laughable.

Windows 8 Worse Than Vista

Meanwhile, an increasing amount of developer mindshare and interest was being placed in open source projects and new languages. http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/what-heck-happening-windows I've worked to know these systems well enough that they serve as a means to help my work - with huge changes, mastering new computer systems and applications have to become Why Windows 8 Is Bad I can't help but be reminded of conversations I had decades ago when senior technology people like Mossberg and Kanter told me in no uncertain terms that a mouse or a What Is Wrong With Windows 8 They stopped developing it and moved the team working on it to other projects.

Sometimes, it's just ... Check This Out By Mark Kaelin | in Windows and Office, September 15, 2011, 5:27 AM PST Email Print Reddit Delicious Digg Pinterest Stumbleupon Google Plus Once upon a time, a technology manufacturer asked Tablets--and not Surface RT tablets--were what people bought last December, not Windows 8 PCs . The world has advanced thru paradigm shifts and not just by delta x increments in innovation. Windows 8 Fail

And Windows 8? Yes, it is likely true that Apple has been more successful at creating beautifully designed products than Microsoft, yet why should having multiple ways of addressing issues imply that Microsoft needs Like Vista before it, Microsoft will re-release an older version of Windows, Windows 7 this time instead of XP, and start talking about wonderful Windows Blue, the next version of Windows, Source By the time Vista got its Service Pack 2 update, it actually was quite good and worked much like Windows 7 worked on its launch.

The time now is 10:42. List The Steps You Take To Find The Refresh The Pc Option Using The Charms Bar Ever since I've seen the newest screenshots for Update 1, I've been thinking the same thing. The corners to launch the Charms bar worked well enough but the top left hot corner frequently resulted in accidental clicks when trying to hit the 'back' button with any web

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To sway people to teh new process, teh benefits needs to exceed those delivered by the present process. And industry observers have noted similarities between Apple's tightly-controlled marketing tactics and Microsoft's marketing campaign for the upcoming OS—Microsoft is even using indie rock music in its Windows 8 advertisements. My specific issue with Windows 8 is that the changes are forced on the user. Windows 8 Disaster The idea was simple and frankly, a good one, but the execution and branding was a colossal mistake that left consumers confused.

But, even now, most people will do so because they have Windows software, and aren't aware that they can move to something else. And because nobody buys software for Windows anymore, devs have moved to other platforms to make consumer apps. The "Windows" brandname 2. have a peek here I can see some positive aspects in Windows 8, and I think Microsoft's strategy of creating one operating system that can run on any device makes perfect sense.

When you have a tablet you never have to see Desktop...unless you have a hybrid machine and want to. And it just doesn't work anymore. This increased management overhead on the programs, decreasing the money actually going into the research itself. and 6.

Login or register to post comments Nargg on Feb 10, 2014 "That's just rude. Press Releases Newsletters Webinars Advertise EVENTS l l VB EVENTS Upcoming Events GET INVOLVED Sponsor Speaker Media Partner Volunteer Got a news tip? This time around, consumers won't be pushing back on Windows 8 because of technical problems but because the OS looks and feels so radically different. You have to understand that, rather than to keep saying how great Win 8 is.

Confused individual users are likely to overload the IT department with "how-do-I" requests. It's fair to say that this man shares many of the same character traits—and flaws—that defined Steve Jobs. It sounds like Win 8.1 Update 1 is what Win 8 should have been on day 1.It's a dilution of what the original vision was, but that vision was not based Press Releases Newsletters Webinars MOBILE Why Windows 8 could be the next Vista Sean Ludwig June 15, 2012 6:00 AM Tags: Android, editor's pick, featured, Frank Gillett, iPad, laptops, Michael Silver,

And it is. The Modern UI is attractive and works really well in tablets.